About Us

TheMarketsTrust is an integrated solutions company, providing next-generation products for the financial industry together with expert consulting and solutions integration.

Thanks to in-house R&D and technology expertise, TheMarketsTrust creates original solutions based on the latest technologies, taking from and contributing to the open-source community.

The customer is central to our approach. All development is customer-centric. Beyond “customer-friendly”, our products are “designed for humans”.​​

TheMarketsTrust solutions

Consulting – Business : thanks to a team of expert consultants TheMarketsTrust provi​​des assistance in risk modeling projects.

Consulting – Cloud : TheMarketsTrust allows customers to migrate to fully cloud-based solutions.

Product – Risk calculation : TheMarketsTrust offers a range of ad-hoc solutions to measure, control and report risk positions for financial institutions.

Product – Big data : TheMarketsTrust solutions will include analyses of high volume, unstructured historical data and/or data feeds.​

How to contact us

Office address : TheMarketsTrust | LuxFutureLab | 59, Boulevard Royal | L-2449 Luxembourg

Registered address : TheMarketsTrust | 121, rue de Muehlenbach | L-2168 Luxembourg

TheMarketsTrust, Société anonyme enregistrée au Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés de Luxembourg sous le numéro B186 850.

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